Daniel Bovensiepen


Grown up in Berlin which I left in 2001. From that point I was living in Hannover, Genova, Beijing, Copenhagen and Nanjing. In 2011 I finally settled in Beijing until now.

Over the last 13 years I'm mainly active as software developer for industrial automation projects (i.e. powder metal facilities, industrial coffee roasters and industrial radio systems). Over the last 7 years I was busy with designing a high reliable radio system for more than 20 metro systems world wide. Cities in which this radio system is now running are Beijing, New York, Copenhagen, Hong Kong, Chongqing, Xian, Guangzhou, Qingdao, Dongguan, Fuzhou, Foshan, Istanbul and London. In the field of CBTC Signaling Systems this Radio is the most sucessful one in existence.


There is a list of articles and books I have written on real paper. Next to this I'm writing on bits and bytes in a blog about mruby.


I'm involved in some open source projects. One of my all time favorite is the programming language Ruby. Since May 2012 I work privatly as a core committer on mruby [commits]. I designed and implemented the mruby package manager, the test system, the documentation generator and the mirb (interactive mruby shell).


I spoke at several Ruby specfici conferences.

2014eurucamp, Berlin, Germany
2013RubyConf China, Beijing, China
2013RubyKaigi, Tokyo, Japan
2012Ruby World Conference, Matsue, Japan
2010Ruby World Conference, Matsue, Japan
2010RubyKaigi, Tsukuba, Japan
2009RubyKaigi, Tokyo, Japan
2006EuRuKo, Munich, Germany


If you want to contact me, send a mail to daniel [at] bovensiepen [point] net

I'm also active on GitHub, Twitter, XING and LinkedIn.